Card Access


A Redicard operates on your Redicard At Call Transaction Account and allows you to:

  • Pay instantly for purchases under $100, by waving the payWave card over a secure contactless terminal in stores
  • Withdraw funds and obtain cash from ATMs and EFTPOS outlets around Australia 24 hours a day
  • Make purchases using EFTPOS terminals
  • Withdraw and deposit funds over the counter
  • Withdraw and deposit funds at any Bank@Post (please note this services will not be available after 1 July 2019) outlet at Australia Post Offices
  • Access your S70 Online Saver Account funds by transfering them to your At Call Transaction Account using Internet banking

Why Wave and Go?

Redicard payWave is the latest technology that lets you pay faster with less hassle.  The technology built into your card allows you to pay instantly, by waving your card over a secure contactless terminal in stores.  There's no swiping, signing or fumbling for cash.  You just Wave and Go and you're ready to go in just a few seconds.  For purchases under $100, you can just Wave and Go saving you valuable time.  And don't worry, you can still use your card for purchases over $100, you just need to enter your pin or sign. 

Because your card never leaves your hand, there is less chance of someone getting hold of it.  Each Redicard payWave card features a 'smart' chip which is virtually impossible to copy, giving you maximum protection against fraud.

PIN Security

You will be issued with your own personal identification number (PIN) which is forwarded to you within a few days of receiving your Redicard. Every time you use your Redicard you will be required to enter in your PIN in order to prove that you are the owner. It is therefore very important that your PIN is memorised and not stored with your card for security.

Maximum protection against founterfeiting, card skimming and other fraud - with 'smart' chip technology the cards are almost impossible to copy.

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