Geelong Bank announced today that acting General Manager – Vivien Allen - will become the Bank’s first female CEO, replacing General Manager Peter Vecoli who has retired after over 30 years’ service to our customers.

“Vivien has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the Mutual Banking sector as well as a great rapport with our team and customers that will continue to guide our locally owned bank into the future.” explains Geelong Bank Chairman and local Geelong resident Dominic Raimondo.

“The Board underwent a detailed review in replacing our long-term General Manager when Peter retired, and Vivien’s detailed understanding of the customer centric culture of Geelong Bank as well as her knowledge of banking was a key part of her appointment.” Dominic continued.

Vivien has been an integral part of the transition from FCCS Credit Union to Geelong Bank and has been in the Mutual Banking industry for over 18 years. Vivien has been in several strategic roles focussed on building relationships and growth within the industry.

“It is an honour to represent our Members as the CEO of such a great organisation.” Vivien said. “The recent Royal Commission into banking has highlighted poor behaviour of the big banks and it is really important for residents of Geelong to know that they have their very own Customer Owned Bank which focusses on them instead of shareholders.” she continued.

“The Geelong Bank team is passionate about making banking easy for our customers, whether they choose to deal with us face to face, by phone or online. We will continue to provide competitive banking products and services and, more importantly, we will always be there for the benefit of our customers as a Customer Owned Bank.” Vivien concluded.

Geelong Bank has been a proud part of the Geelong community since 1974 and prides itself for being independently owned by our member customers.

For any future correspondence, please contact:

Dominic Raimondo, Chairman, Geelong Bank
Phone: 0412 580 426