Thanks very much for your assistance in setting up Cam and Jason (Bridges Financial Planners) in providing the financial advice to both my wife and I. We not only found the advice to ring true to what we were expecting / looking for, but also provided reassurance in our thoughts in what we can and should do.

The process that was delivered suited us as well, in particular:-

  • The initial consultation was free and without obligation, we felt no pressure during the meetings;
  • In the Statement of Advice (strategy) meetings, there were two Bridges Financial advisers, both had their specialty and they were able to explain things in simple terms;
  • 3 strategies were provided (not just 1) which covered high, medium to very low risks, so we were able to choose where we were comfortable;
  • the advice was unbiased as there was a range of different products to choose from;
  • my wife and I were able to talk to each other in front of Cam and Jason about the advice, so we could get the answers then and there and not in another meeting;
  • The fees paid for the strategy was a small price to pay (that I compared to other institutions) for peace of mind and sound advice that will help look after us in the future.

Thanks again.


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