Home Cover Prestige

Safeguarding your home and possessions

QBE is committed to providing you with the best cover and service to help protect your most treasured items through to the everyday essentials.

Home Cover Prestige is QBE’s building, contents and valuables insurance that can protect against any or all of the following:

  • Major catastrophes – including fire, lightning, storm or flood damage. You can choose cover to protect your contents, as well as the real cost of rebuilding or repairing your home to the quality and size it is now.
  • Valuable contents when away from your home – such as music players, jewellery, digital cameras and sunglasses.

With Home Cover Prestige, you’ll have peace of mind that if, through specific events, your property is damaged, destroyed or stolen, it can be repaired or replaced - usually on a “new-for-old” basis, regardless of the item’s age.

It also protects you against malicious damage and accidental loss or damage to home and contents at the insured address. Plus it provides extended cover for your contents when temporarily removed anywhere in Australia and New Zealand, or for up to 90 days when overseas.

A selection of benefits



New for old replacement on most items Yes
Legal Liability $30 Million
Accidental Damage Yes


 Additional benefits


Building safeguard benefit Yes 
Burning out of electrical motors (fusion)  Yes 
Environmental upgrade  Yes 
Accommodation Costs* Yes
Spoiled food from power failure  Yes 
Essential temporary repairs  Yes 
Loss of credit cards Yes 
Cost of replacing locks if your house keys are stolen  Yes
Cover when you move sites 30 days
Contents temporarily removed from your home 25% of sum insured, max $3,000
Legal defence costs $2,500
Taxation audit $2,500
Identity theft $5,000
Replacement of documentation $1,000
Documents $1,000


Optional benefits 


Domestic workers compensation Optional extra** 

* Should you be unable to live in the home as a result of damage caused by a defined event

** Available in ACT, TAS & WA only for an additional cost

Ways to save

QBE has made it possible for you to enjoy a range of discounts on your premium:

  • Security discounts

The more secure your property is – through deadlocks, window locks, and either local or monitored alarms – the less you may have to pay.

  • Household no claim bonus

Continue to earn No Claim Bonus discount, up to our maximum level, the more years you go without making a claim.

  • A choice of excess

Your excess is the initial amount you have to pay yourself if you make a claim, and we offer options of nil excess, $100, $250, $500, $750 $1,000 and $10,000. The higher the excess you choose, the lower the premium you’ll pay.

  • Retirees discount

If you’re retired and no longer working more than 20 hours a week your premium will reflect the lower-risk nature of your circumstances.

  • Multi-policy discount is available on your first policy after renewal and is only available for Home, Landlords and Motor Vehicle policies that are purchased on referral from Geelong Bank.


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