Landlords Insurance

Protecting your investment property and income

QBE Landlord Cover is there to protect your investment when you’re not, providing specialist cover when renting out your property. In addition to offering cover against vandalism, malicious damage and theft by tenants, as well as lost rental income, it also protects your property against fire, lightning, storm or flood damage, falling trees and unforeseen catastrophes.

A selection of benefits



Legal liability $30 Million


 Additional benefits


Building safeguard benefit Yes 
Environmental upgrade  Yes 
Burning out of electrical motors (fusion)  Yes
Cover for loss of rent should your tenants be unable to live in the home as a result of damage caused by a defined event Yes
Essential temporary repairs  Yes 
Works of art $5,000 
Building materials awaiting installation $5,000 


Optional benefits 


Cover for rent default Optional extra
Cover for theft and/or vandalism by tenants Optional extra

Ways to save

QBE has made it possible for you to enjoy a range of discounts on your premium:

  • Security discounts

The more secure your property is – through deadlocks, window locks, and either local or monitored alarms – the less you may have to pay.

  • Household no claim bonus

Continue to earn a no claim bonus discount, up to our maximum level, the longer you go without making a claim.

  • A choice of excess

An excess is the amount you’ll need to pay if you make a claim. You can tailor your premium by choosing an excess of: $100, $250, $500, $750, $1,000, $10,000 or nil excess.

  • Multi-policy discount is available on your first policy after renewal and is only available for Home, Landlords and Motor Vehicle policies that are purchased on referral from Geelong Bank.


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