Buy a Car

Buying a car is often our first major financial purchase. The decision can mostly be an exciting time and taking the time to evaluate what you want and need are positive signs to get you into your new car sooner.

  • new or used
  • manual or auto
  • year, make, model
  • make a list of features that interest you
  • how much will you need to purchase a car?
  • what can you afford?
  • will you require a loan?
  • are there any additional costs?
  • do you have a deposit? Test out our savings calculators here.
  • compare pricing from dealers, private sales, auctions and visit websites like and
  • will you need a loan? See our car loan calculator here.

Test drive

  • make sure you are comfortable in driving the car and try out all of its features.

Encumbered vehicles

  • contact VicRoads (in Victoria) to confirm if the vehicle is under finance – you don’t want to be purchasing someone else’s debt. (you will need the vehicle registration and vin number to do this). If you are obtaining a loan with Geelong Bank we will look after this for you.

Vehicle inspection

  • If you think you have found the vehicle for you it may be worthwhile to pay for a professional inspection to check potential problem areas. RACV offer these inspections in Victoria at a cost.

Making a deal

  • if you are happy to proceed with the purchase of the vehicle, make an offer and you will be required sign a contract. Please ensure you understand the document before proceeding.

Paying a deposit

  • new or used to hold the vehicle you will be required to make a payment – generally around 10%

Picking up your new car

  • Stamp duty, transfer of registration and roadworthy certificates will be carried by car dealers. Private sales are arranged between the seller and the buyer. Please ensure your insurance is in place prior to taking delivery of the vehicle.

The turn around time for a car loan can be a relatively quick process. Speak to a Geelong Bank loans specialist who will not only guide you through the process but will ensure you have a clear understanding of your obligations

It makes sense to protect your assets and a fully comprehensive motor insurance policy will give you peace of mind for coverage against damage to your vehicle and any damage you may cause to others vehicles. In addition to this you will also be covered against any property damage. If you take out a loan for your car you will be required to present a certificate of currency for proof of insurance prior to loan funding.

Geelong Bank are happy to offer you an obligation-free quote on your car with our insurance very reputable and experienced insurance providers.

The information here is a guide only. To find out more about Geelong Bank car loans, visit your local branch, call 1300 361 555 to speak with a consultant.


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