Loan Fees & Charges

This information about fees and charges applicable to our loan products is indicative only. In some circumstances more than one fee may apply.

Loan Application Fees:
Personal Loans $220.00
Home Loans


Additional charges apply if more than one property included

Preparation / Discharge

All Government duties/taxes relating to loans transactions will be debited to the loan account. Fees payable to other third parties may apply.

As charged by appropriate authority.

Credit Facilities:
Arrears letter per occasion $30.00
Default Notice Fee per occasion

$200.00 - Mortgage Loans

$50.00 - Personal Loans

Administration Fees:
Security Administration Fee $8.00 - Personal Loans
Security Variation Fee $15.00 - Personal Loans
Value Home Loan Administration Fee $8.00 per month
Progressive Drawing Fee (mortgage loans) $50.00
Variation Fee

$100.00 - Mortgage Loans

$50.00 - Personal Loans

Portability Fee

$350.00 - Mortgage Loans

$100.00 - Personal Loans

Additional Security Fee $150.00
Conversion/Switching Fee $300.00
Production of Title Fee $350.00
Arranging a Withdrawal of Registered Security $250.00
Discharge Settlement Fee (per security property) $300.00
Settlement Rebooking Fee $100.00
Construction Fee $245.00
Guarantee Fee $200.00
Lenders Mortgage Fee $50.00
Affinity Home Loan Package and Mutual Home Loan (formerly Easy Start Home Loan) Nil
Basic Home Loan (formerly Value Home Loan) $25.00 - Per Redraw
All other Home Loans have a Nil redraw fee if redraw is via internet or telephone banking (Note: over the counter (OTC) first one free per month, all additional OTC redraws $15.00 - Per Redraw


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